Congress Dinner

Social Events - Congress Dinner

The congress dinner has to be memorable and special. We found the perfect location at the Carlsberg Breweries. Carl Jacobsen brewed beer – and loved art. The more art he collected, the more extensions to his villa. We will be dining in a labyrinth of exquisitely decorated rooms, with names from ‘Ragnarok’ to ‘Queens Hall’. The menu will be Nordic cuisine, accompanied by a beer tasting menu. The dinner will be followed by open bar for beer/soft drinks. There is a 400 person limit to the congress dinner, and tickets will be assigned on a first-come basis. A small sur-charge has been added for the congress dinner (10 Euro for students/young investigators, 30 Euros for others, respectively), payable at registration. The Carlsberg villa is situated close the congress venue (walk or two stations with the train).