This page lists the sponsors of the 4th World Congress on Electroporation. More sponsors will be added soon.

Platinum Sponsors

IGEA, S.p.A. — www.igeamedical.com

IGEA studies the clinical application of physical stimuli to biological systems. Our mission is to improve patients’ quality of life by developing and producing innovative, effective and safe therapeutic systems for clinical practice. IGEA is the world leading company for Electrochemotherapy, a minimally invasive treatment combining a low dose of a chemotherapy drug and electrical pulses (electroporation) applied directly to the cancer cells using specific multiple or individual electrodes. Cliniporator® and Cliniporator® VITAE are the most advanced electroporation technologies for the treatment of tumor nodules located to the skin, subcutaneous tissue, parenchyma and bone.

Gold Sponsors

Diversified Technologies, Inc. — www.divtecs.com

Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI), a privately held company headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, USA, is the developer, manufacturer, and marketer of the PowerMod™ line of solid-state power supplies, pulse modulators, power converters and related high voltage, high power equipment. Founded in 1987, DTI develops advanced technologies through a wide range of commercial and government contracts. DTI’s high voltage systems are used for defense and industrial applications including radar, power conversion, food sterilization, biomass oil extraction, and high-energy physics.

Silver Sponsors

Leroy Biotech S.A.S. — leroybiotech.com

Bronze Sponsors

Elea Technology
(Elea Vertriebs- und Vermarktungsgesellschaft mbH) — elea-technology.de